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Since 2007, a team of ¬†SouthSudanese Lost Boys and Girls from the Ayual community, who have been in exile for over twenty years, annually travels from the United States to their homeland of Southern Sudan. American friends joined these Lost Boys from various trips. In addition to reuniting with family, our team’s first task was to set a roadmap for the creation of strategic community development programs. With the help of the survivors who have lived in Southern Sudan during the war, our team assessed the community's needs and concerns. We found that health, education, and water sanitation are the three most urgent concerns.

Teacher Training & Incentives: PPS teachers have no formal training and positions are unpaid, which makes it difficult to retain motivated teachers. ACDA would like to provide teachers with proper training and create a fund and sponsorship program that gives teachers a monthly living stipend.

Classrooms & Transportation: Classrooms are made of mud and grass and must be rebuilt every two years. ACDA would like to build permanent structures with brick walls and iron sheet roofing and provide tables and chairs to improve the classroom environment. In April of 2009, our community partnered with the Lutheran World Federation to build one building with four classrooms. ACDA’s campaign is to raise additional funds to build four more classrooms and a teachers’ office to complete this project. In addition, most teachers and students walk more than 10km to reach school, leading to significant delays and absences. In December of 2008, our friends from Seattle, Washington purchased 14 bicycles for the teachers. Transportation continues to be a challenge to the students, who walk every day from various villages.

School Uniforms: Uniforms play an instrumental role in a school that is working to maintain current students, enroll new ones, and reinforce the importance of education in a community that often depends upon children for day-to-day survival. In April of 2008, ACDA purchased uniforms for 400 students with the money raised by Chicago’s Eliza Mozer. In December of this year, we would like to complete this project and purchase the remaining uniforms for 14 teachers and 400 students.


We welcome donors to give to specific projects or donate to the general funding:

Cost per student’s uniform - $15
Cost per Teacher’s uniform - $30
Cost per desk (3 or 4 students) - $30
Teacher’s stipend per month - $150
Cost per classroom (50 or more students) - $10,000


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