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Pongborong Primary School Benefactors


Eliza Mozer
Eliza Mozer, a 13-year-old, chose to raise funds for ACDA’s Pongborong Primary School as a Mitzvah project for her recent Bat Mitzvah. The fundraising efforts started with a lemonade stand and quickly grew - she has now raised $8000. Eliza reflects on the project, in her own words here. Pictured below is .

Eliza Mozer and Mack Julion were recognized by the ACDA with an award
pictured here with several members of the ACDA

Caruso Middle School, Deerfield, IL
On May, 2015, Caruso Middle School students designed a T-shirt and sold it to raise funds for Pongborong Primary School. On the front, they had a statement that read: "We support the Lost Boys of Sudan. They walked 1000 miles but touched millions of hearts".

About 2 weeks later, Caruso students raised funds totaling $2,000 and donated school supplies to PPS in South Sudan, and handed to us their encouraging and inspiring letters of which they reflected on the lessons they learned from then visiting Lost Boys speakers (Peter Magai Bul and Maketh Bul Mabior).

Shepard Middle School, Deerfield, IL
IIn May, 2015, 7th graders of Shepard Middle School from Deerfield, IL USA had special gifts to students of Pongborong Primary School (PPS) in South Sudan. To their generosity, they raised and donated about $2,500 to PPS.  Click here to read an article featuring that fundraising event.

St. Francis Xavier Parish, LaGrange, IL
On May 8, 2015, Maketh Bul Mabior and Peter Magai Bul were presented with a check of $1,030 by the 7th graders of St. Francis Xavier Parish in front of their proud teachers and parents. We wish to extend our sincere appreciation to these hardworking students and their teachers for inviting us to their school every year.

Chicago Jewish Day School
In November of 2008, children age 4 to 10 from the Chicago Jewish Day School raised about $1000 for Pongborong Primary School. As their hope is to develop a long-term relationship, these children also wrote letters, which were delivered to PPS by the ACDA’s Illinois representative, John Mading Dut. John Dut returned with letters written by PPS students, thanking them for their support and encouraging school-to-school dialogue.

Jones College Prep
Jones College Preps’ students, their parents, and teachers raised over $300 for PPS in November 2008.

Faith Community of Saint Sabina
In January 2007, youth from the Faith Community of Saint Sabina raised over $700 for PPS. This congregation has long been involved in Sudanese affairs as supporters and activists. ACDA members, on behalf of the Sudanese, extended appreciation for their support of peace in Sudan and around the world.

ACDA Bike-ride Fund-raisers, Craig Sternagel, Sharon Beals & Rod Sternagel
Craig, Sharon, and Rod, friends of ACDA member Thuch Malual from Washington State, rode from Yorktown, VA to Washington State during May to July of 2007, raising $10,000 for ACDA. We greatly appreciate this support!

Elgin Community College (Elgin, IL)
With the help and coordination of Barbara Rose, a long time friend of the Chicago Sudanese Lost Boys, four ACDA members had a chance to present their story of struggle to more than 400 attendees in two sessions in April of 2006. ACDA wishes to thank the ECC staff for the donation of $1,000 and to thank the students for their interest in global support for change.

Peace Cafe at Apostolic Church of God (Chicago, IL)
Peace Cafe Preteen Students from the Apostolic Church of God are dedicated to serve as Peacemakers and pray for peace around the world. The Peace Café students, with the help of Julie Stratton, invited ACDA Lost Boys to two events in December of 2006. They collected and donated $790 for school supplies and wrote 100 letters to the PPS students. ACDA member MakethBul purchased and delivered these supplies and handed out the letters. Their continued support and prayer for their "adopted" school will never be forgotten by our young brothers and sisters who have had little opportunity for education during Sudan's long civil war.

Illinois Wesleyan University Students (Bloomington, IL)
We would like to thank the hard working students from IWU who raised over $1000 during their Mini-Golf-a-Thon in March 2007. Their event, which was attended by several ACDA Lost Boys in Chicago, was so much fun and very inspiring. You can read more about this past event here.

Global Alliance for Africa (Chicago, IL)

Shipping school supplies to Africa has been one of the most challenging tasks for the ACDA. We wish to thank representatives of Global Alliance for Africa for their willingness to assist with shipping. In June 2007, GAA donated books that were transported to PPS. GAA, which has been active in Tanzania, Kenya, and Liberia, among other African countries, will partner with ACDA in coming years to extend its work to South Sudan.

Fernwood United Methodist Church (Chicago, IL)

Fernwood UMC invited ACDA Lost Boys of Sudan to their pre-Christmas Dinner, an event sponsored by the Family & Friends Ministry directed by Mildred Willis and Alison Holman. Their traditional-style African dinner and their donation of $400 for MakethBul's trip to Southern Sudan was an inspiring and well-received honor.

Chicago Sinai Congregation (Chicago, IL)
After a very warm welcome and engaging dialogue with both Chicago Sinai Congregation's members and students, ACDA received a donation of $5,000. ACDA would like to thank all of Chicago Sinai Congregation's staff for such generosity on behalf of their congregation members.

St. Mark United Methodist Church (Chicago, IL)
In September of 2007, St. Mark invited about seven ACDA Lost Boys for a presentation that ended with a most wonderful reception for both Sudanese Lost Boys and attendees. ACDA wishes to thanks St. Mark United Methodist Church members and friends who attended the event for their contribution of $850.

Trinity Christian College (Chicago, IL)

Trinity Christian College hosted both a reception and movie night that brought students and parents together to watch the award-winning documentary God Grew Tired of Us. ACDA Lost Boys were in attendance to share their story as well as discuss the current Darfur genocide. We wish to thank Trinity Christian College for donating $400.

Christ Church United Methodist (Louisville, KY)
In August 2007, Christ Church United Methodist invited more than 20 ACDA Lost Boys and Lost Girls for worship. This took place during our 5th Annual ACDA National Conference & Reunion. At two worship services, the Dinka Church Choir provided an excellent dance for the congregations of Christ Church United Methodist. ACDA also wishes to thank the Christ United Methodist Church of Louisville, Kentucky for the donation of more than $400.

Trinity of United Church of Christ - Gary (Gary, Indiana)
In October 2007, four ACDA Lost Boys had a chance to share their story with Rev. John Jackson's class of Trinity UCC - Gary. While the students knew little about the Lost Boys, who had been in America for about 6 years at that time, the evening of fellowship and education provided mutual connections, relationships, and understanding between the Sudanese Lost Boys and Trinity students. ACDA members, who are eager to share their experience with others, thanked the Indiana-Kentucky Conference, Trinity UCC, for the donation of more than $500.

Chloe & Isabel Mozer Bat Mitzvah Fundraising for PPS (2010)
Impressed by the success of their sister Eliza Mozer, who raised over $8,000 for Pongborong Primary School in 2008, Chloe and Isabel Mozer approached us with their idea to continue their sister's project for their Bat Mitzvah. Eliza’s fundraising provided uniforms for about half of the 800 students at Pongborong Primary School and contributed to the construction of a permanent classroom. Chloe and Isabel have exceeded their goal of $5000 and have raised over $8000 as you can see here. Family members and friends who supported their Bat Mitzvah fundraising project empowered these young ladies to work toward real change in Southern Sudan. The ACDA is very proud of the strengthening relationship between the youth in Southern Sudan and America.

Gifts of Messiah Lutheran Church (Omaha, NE)
From 2008 to 2012, Jim Thompson of Messiah Lutheran Church in Omaha, Nebraska has been traveling to South Sudan (Pongborong Primary School) to distribute the following items to students:

Magnifying glasses  Composition books  Children’s story books 
English dictionaries  Soccer shirts  Wood pencils
Tennis shoes Soccer balls  Air pumps w/extra needles Tubes of toothpaste 
Toothbrushes  Jump ropes Girls vanity mirrors 
Rechargeable flashlights Seed packets (corn, beans, peas, tomatoes, watermelon, etc.)

During his 2012 trip to Pongborong primary School, Jim collected some donations from the members of Messiah Lutheran Church and ACDA, and divided that money into shares of which an incentive was given to each teacher as an appreciation to their teaching services at our school. Other donation supporters from Jim Thompson’s groups included: